Cobra caught eating another snake inside house in Thailand


A greedy cobra was caught eating another snake inside a house in Thailand.

The 10ft-long reptile was found in the garage hiding under a motorcycle while struggling to swallow a smaller rat snake in Chanthaburi province on June 15 evening.

The shocked house owner immediately called the animal rescuers for help in evacuating the venomous snake from the property.

When the team arrived, the cobra was still pushing its meal down its throat but after a few moments decided to let go and spit it out so it could attack the rescuers.

Rescue team member Sergeant Nattapol Sueangam said: ‘The snake was aggressive towards us because we interrupted its meal. It even attempted to spit venom on us and escape.’

The volunteers moved the two-wheeler and other objects aside so there would be enough space to catch the snake as it could hide in corners.

Nattapol and his colleagues secure the snake using a pole with hook and grabbed the snake out of the property. It was placed inside a plastic box for release.

The rat snake later died from the venom and was taken by the team as well to bury in the woods.

Relieved house owner Teeraporn Chueathai said: ‘I just arrived home after selling my durians and saw the huge cobra with its meal. It then hid under the motorcycle.’