Monitor lizard stuck in middle of wall rescued in Thailand


A hapless monitor lizard stuck in the middle of a wall was rescued in Thailand.

The 8ft-long lizard was crawling on the narrow gap of a wall that was connected to a drain when it was trapped as its body was too big to move forward in Nakhon Pathom province on June 16.

A nearby petrol station worker first noticed the lizard three days earlier lurking around the compound but was shocked when he found it stuck in the tight space.

Rescue volunteers pulled out the drain cover with the help of five petrol station staff before they took the animal out by its tail.

Tawatchai Sinthumongkolchai, who helped to catch the lizard, said: ‘The owner of the house installed a partition on what used to be drain so it was now like a wall. The lizard was trapped there so we had to remove it.’

A cloth was draped over the reptile’s head so that it would not panic. The lizard was unhurt and given food and water before being tied with a rope on a paddle.

It was then transported by the rescuers with them to be released into the wild.