Dozens of tourists plunge into water when suspension bridge collapses in China


Dozens of tourists plunged into the water when a suspension bridge collapsed in central China.

The overloaded rope bridge swayed as the excited visitors tried to balance and cross it to reach the other side of Qiushi Ecological Farm in Hunan province on June 14.

After wobbling for a few moments, the cable snapped and plunged dozens of tourists into the water underneath. No one was seriously injured and the farm staff helped the people out of the pond.

One of the staff told local media: ‘The bridge is our main attraction here. The tourists would stand on the bridge and try to shake it as much as they can.

‘It’s like a challenge to see who will remain standing on the bridge as others fall off into the water. However we were shocked when the bridge snapped this time.’

The bridge was repaired the next day (June 15) and would remain closed to tourists until further notice by the farm staff.