Buddhist temple uses recycled glass beer bottles to build its walls

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qgvahyvt7ma0u80/VRP4093.mp4?dl=0

A Buddhist monk is using recycled glass beer bottles to covers the walls and stairs of a temple.

Abbot Phra Chotivaro mixes the crushed bottles of Singha and Chang with cement to do building work at the Wat Rai Dong temple, located in Kamphaeng Phet, Thailand.

The monk said that the finished surface has a naturally ‘sparkling and clean appearance’.

First, the recycled glass is cleaned and categorized by colour. Then it is burnt and dipped in water so that the glasses are easily fractured.

After the process, the fractured glass is mixed with cement to be coated on the different areas of the temple. Finally, it is washed with water again.

The effect is that the temple’s ceiling sparkles in different colours especially when the sun shines on the surfaces.

Phra Chotivaro said that he is still accepting donations from locals so he continue the work.

He added: ‘Other temples can use the same process. It’s a good use for old glass.’