Pet cat has hilarious black marks on face resembling a moustache and goatee


A pet cat in Thailand has a hilarious mark around its mouth resembling a moustache and goatee beard.

Nampeung Rodruengkhun, 43, visited a Buddhist temple in Ratchaburi province on New Year’s Day (January 1) when she first saw the cat.

She was with her daughter that day and found the little stray trying to escape from four dogs.

Her daughter saved the cat from its attackers and checked for injuries but they were amused when they noticed its special mark instead.

The black marks surrounding its mouth are similar to a moustache and goatee beard.

They thought the marks were painted by someone, but they were actually the cat’s real fur colours.

The mother and daughter took the cat home and named it Jaokongkwan, which means ‘gift’ in the local language as they found it on a holiday.

Nampeung said they take the rescued cat to bed every day and despite being a stray, the moggie was always gentle.

She said: ‘Our cat has a heart-shaped beard which made her even more special. We found her on a lucky day as well.’

The cat lover added that she posted the cat’s picture on an internet pet fan page and everyone noticed the distinguishing mark on its mouth.

She said: ‘My friends called the kitten ‘Lung Gammnan’ or Uncle Village Leader because of the moustache which made her look like an old village headman.’

The two-months-old cat now lives with its new family who owns a noodle shop along with other ten adopted cats.