Pick-up truck spins out-of-control after rain leaves road wet and slippery

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/z0zxwr5meyo0t4f/VRP41414.mp4?dl=0

A pick-up truck spun out-of-control after heavy rains left a road wet and slippery in Thailand.

The silver pickup truck swayed on the water-covered road and hit concrete barriers before flipping over in Phetchaburi province on June 17.

Paramedics rushed to the area to help pull the driver out of the vehicle but he was not seriously injured as he was saved by his seatbelt.

A car that was travelling behind narrolwly missed the crashed pickup truck, whose driver was the only person injured in the crash.

Motorist Nuttawut Phuphet who was driving behind the pickup truck said the vehicle’s tires slipped on the wet road as there was a heavy downpour when the incident happened.

He said: ‘It was raining very hard and since we were on the highway we were driving quite fast. His tires might have slipped on the wet road and lost control when he suddenly pulled the brakes.’

The police arrived to investigate on the incident but as there were no other injured motorists, they reminded the driver to be more careful next time and have his tires regularly checked.

The car insurance company will handle the damaged pickup truck while the driver was discharged from the hospital for his minor injuries.