Lazy cat causes a scene after falling asleep on busy pet store floor


This is the amusing moment a lazy cat caused a scene when it slept on a busy pet store floor.

The grey moggie was lying on his back to rest on the cold tiled floor while customers passed him by in a pet supplies store in Khon Kaen province, northeastern Thailand on June 20.

Several visitors walked up to the animal named Toong to take some pictures as the cat continued to ignore the people who were starting to gather around him.

Shop owner Arlek Apimeteetumrong said they take care of the cat in the store and it now feels like the place is his home.

He said: ‘We found Toong on the streets and fed him until he became our pet cat. He feels at home here and thinks the entire place is his house.’

Arlek added that the cat was smart despite being lazy as he never did any damage to their supplies or steal any food from the storage.

He said: ‘He can be lazy but he is smart. You would often see him sleeping on a corner or on the floor because it’s colder but he never stole food or damage our supplies so we kept him inside.’