Bungling driver knocks over tool booth with security guard inside in China

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/iq5dpmvo4pivhe9/VRP41938.mp4?dl=0

A bungling driver knocked over a toll booth while a security guard was inside in southeast China.

The reckless woman was seen tapping on her phone as she opened the car door and sunk into the driver’s seat in Shenzhen City on June 19.

As she headed for the curve, the automatic transmission car suddenly jumped forward and smashed through the booth. The structure collapsed from the impact while the female guard struggled to crawl out of the cramped space.

The guard was not seriously hurt aside from having light bruises and scratches on her arms and legs. She was taken to a nearby clinic for treatment.

During police investigations, the driver said she mistook the gas pedal for brakes which caused her to accelerate directly into the booth.

She paid for all of the damages including the security guard’s medical bills. An investigation on the incident is ongoing.