Smartphone bursts into flames inside man’s pocket in Vietnam


This is the shocking moment a smartphone exploded inside a worker’s pocket.

The man was sitting in front of his desk beside colleagues when he felt something hot inside his pocket after a popping sound in Hanoi, Vietnam on June 21.

Thick white smoke then pour from his pants so he frantically took out the mobile device that was starting to heat up before it was engulfed in flames as he held it.

He then threw the burning phone to the floor before stomping on it to put out the fire while his shocked colleagues rushed to check on him while the others tried to flee the room.

The worker said: ‘I don’t know why my phone exploded. It was working fine that morning before I went to work then I felt something hot inside my pocket.’

As the device caught fire on the man’s hands, he suffered mild burns but no one else was hurt aside from him. He was given first aid treatment at the office clinic.

Police also arrived to check the incident and their initial investigations showed that the phone battery overheated leading to explosion.

Officers reminded people not to use substandard chargers and batteries for their electronic devices as they could cause accidents.