Skateboarder dies after falling from five-storey building in Thailand


A skateboarder died after rolling around and falling from a five-storey building in Thailand.

Naruechit Rungroengsiriphan, 41, is believed to have fallen from the rooftop of his apartment after he had an accident while skateboarding in Trang province on June 22 morning.

His neighbour who was taking out the trash in the morning was shocked when she found the bloodied body of Naruechit collapsed in front of the building next to the road.

The man was rushed to the hospital where doctors tried to revive him but he eventually died to his severe injuries and heavy bleeding.

Naruechit’s devastated wife said: ‘My husband liked to skateboard with our daughters. They often went to a skating venue but it was a bit far.

‘Every morning he practiced skateboarding on the rooftop to work out. He was always careful so I could not believe that this happened.’

The rooftop reportedly had a 3ft-high fence for protection but the speed of the skateboard followed by a stumble could have caused him to fall over the barriers and plunge 80ft below to his death.

Police who investigated the death said they did not believe there were suspicious circumstances or any sign of a struggle. The skateboarder’s family have prepared funeral arrangements for him.