Petrol station pump bursts into flames after driver forgot hose


This is the shocking moment a petrol station pump burst into flames after a driver forgot to return the hose.

The pump was dragged and toppled over as the nozzle was left attached to a truck’s gas tank when it drove away in Parana, Brazil on June 16.

CCTV footage shows the pump being engulfed in flames before a quick-thinking worker calmly took a fire extinguisher as the others tried to flee.

Soon after two more workers arrived with extinguishers and the fire was out in less than a minute. No one was hurt in the incident as the fire was controlled right away.

The petrol station manager Leandro da Silva Valim said: ‘I happened so fast but during fire incidents, we needed to act fast before it could be out of control.

‘We received training to know what to do. Thanks to training, we were able to contain the fire. We were relieved the damage was not serious and no one was hurt.’