Heartbreaking moment endangered sun bear walks hopelessly after forest was destroyed

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w28o9hv8sqhh0p3/VRP42382.mp4?dl=0

This is the heartbreaking moment an endangered sun bear was seen walking around hopelessly after its forest habitat was destroyed.

The bear looked dejected while searching for food on the bald patches of a heavily deforested area in Pahang state, Malaysia on June 22.

It appeared to be unsure of where to go as it aimlessly surveyed the forest – where it once ate plentiful amounts of food – but which had now turned into a massive patch of dried land.

Non-government organisation Malaysia Animal Association said the area used to be wildlife habitat until it was converted into a logging site.

They said: ‘The Pahang State Government needs to change immediately to prevent more deforestation from happening every month.

‘Deforestation and logging will not only destroy wildlife habitats but will invite disasters to humans such as major floods, greenhouse effects, oxygen depletion and global warming.

‘Our country will also be recorded as a nation that destroys nature.’

The sun bear then retreated back to the part of the forest where there were still trees as it failed to forage on the damaged area.

Sun bears are found in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia particularly in Malaysia where it is locally called ‘beruang badu’ or honey bear for its fondness of honey.