Bungling cyclist crashes into food stall after uncontrollably wheeling down ramp in Mexico

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1y4s4acnswomgmu/VRP42428.mp4?dl=0

A bungling cyclist crashed into a food stall after losing control while riding down a set of steps in Mexico.

Footage shows the youngster accelerating down the steps of El Calvario Church on his two-wheeler in Metepec, Mexico City on May 30.

He then went head-over-handlebars and crashed into a food stand.

Church-goer Carlos Ruiz Calderon said: ‘There were some young people on bicycles who were throwing themselves down the steps of the church.

‘They usually reach the bottom and crash to the ground but this one crashed onto a street vendor. It was funny but really dangerous.’

The cyclist was not seriously hurt and he paid for the damaged products and pushcart of the street vendor who was selling crackers.