Thai lion predicts England will lose to Germany in Euro 2020 last 16


An albino lion at a Thai zoo ‘predicted’ that England will lose to Germany in Euro 2020 in the last 16.

The five-year-old white lion named Boy stood under national flags with meat hanging underneath them in Khon Kaen zoo on June 24.

Soon after, the lion chose the German flag over England’s, grabbing the meat attached to it and devouring it.

The activity was organised as part of the zoo’s special events for their visitors who were also football fans.

Zookeeper Obkaew Janpatun said: ‘Visitors were entertained by Boy because he previously predicted correct results in other football matches in the English Premier League.

‘Despite being lucky on some predictions, these were not accurate and were only done for fun. We could only wait for the game to know what would happen.’

The match between Germany and England will be on June 29 at the Wembley Stadium in London.

During the 24-team first round of Euro 2020, the lion correctly predicted Holland’s narrow victory over Ukraine as well as the Cristiano Ronaldo-led Portugal’s demolition of Hungary and the Three Lions of England’s win over Croatia.

Other matches in the 16-teams round that the lion predicted included Croatia’s win over Spain, Belgium’s victory over Portugal, and Czech defeated by the Netherlands. 

Euro 2020, originally scheduled to start last year was postponed due to the pandemic. The 24-team tournament will take place in 12 cities in 12 UEFA countries.