Thai safari park welcomes baby serow while closed for Covid-19


A Thai safari park welcomed a newborn serow as the zoo opened after being closed down due to Covid-19.

The baby serow was born healthy from parents Por Tong Hok and Mae Parichat at the Chiang Mai Night Safari on June 27.

Serows are one of the 15 protected wild animals in Thailand which are prohibited from being hunted, breeded, or traded except for scientific research purposes.

Zoo official Benjapol Nakprasert said: ‘We were celebrating because the zoo can finally accept visitors after being closed down to the new wave of Covid-19.

‘Furthermore we have a new baby serow which will live in our Savanna Safari Zone. Tourists can visit them everyday and enjoy interacting with wildlife.’

The baby serow will join six other adult serows that are roaming freely in the savanna area of the zoo.

The zoo opened ten days after the baby serow was born after the spreading of the virus eased out on the province. However, visitors would still be required to wear a mask all the time and follow protocols.

Thailand has recorded 244,447 Covid-19 cases and 1,912 deaths as of June 27. Ministers hope a vaccine rollout that started this month will allow them to re-open the country to international tourists before the end of the year.