Boy, 7, operates excavator like a pro in Thailand


A skilful seven-year-old boy can operate an excavator like a pro in Thailand.

Patiharn Mucharoen learned how to run the heavy equipment when he was only two-years-old as he watched his father at work in Chachoengsao province.

The boy would play at a distance as his father used the excavator to load sand and gravel into a construction materials shop’s trucks everyday.

After years of observing, the youngster could now easily operate the equipment and sometimes asks to help out his father whenever he had extra time.

His father Nopparat Phai-Sa Nga, 29, said: ‘My son liked to play with a backhoe toy when he was younger. I gave it to him as a gift as he always asked me to take him to work because he enjoyed watching me.

‘While I do my work with the excavator, he would be at a distance pretending to operate the toy and dig sand. I am happy that my son appreciates what I do.’

Nopparat added that he finally taught his son how to properly operate the excavator when he turned six-years-old as he always asked for it.

He said: ‘I was shocked at his fast progress. After only a year he no longer needed me to assist him. He appeared to enjoy what he was doing.’

Now, the boy could carry up to one-tonne of weight using the excavator and load it properly without crashing. He is currently studying online due to the pandemic which meant he had more time for driving practice.

His father said: ‘My son is really talented. I admire that he already knew what he wanted at a young age. Of course we don’t let him neglect his studies.’