Brave female snake wrangler climbs scaffolding to catch python


A brave female snake wrangler climbed a scaffolding platform to catch a wild python.

Ratha Tapienthong balanced on the steel bars while trying to pull out the massive 9ft-long python hiding behind the wall of a factory in Ang Thong province, Thailand on June 25.

Colleagues helped her carefully take it out from the cramped space behind the steel panels but she grabbed the reptile by the throat with her bare hands.

The snake resisted but it was taken out and carried down by the rescuer who kept a firm hold of the predator.

The skillful rescuer said: ‘I was the one who climbed up the scaffold to catch the snake. It might have been looking for a way to reach the pigeons.’

Workers found the snake climbing up the 15ft-high metal pole of the beam of the factory and went to hide behind the panels upon noticing people.

They then set up the scaffolding for the rescuers who arrived to help them evacuate the animal from the property. The rescue operation lasted for about half an hour.

Rescuers placed the snake in a net and taken back to a nearby forest to be released.