Thai university unveils world’s first Covid-19 protective bubble for dental work


A Thai university unveiled the world’s first Covid-19 protective bubble for dental work.

Dentists and researchers at the Khon Kaen University designed the equipment which they claim prevents the spreading of virus through aerosols by 99.99 per cent.

The plastic bubble encloses a patient’s head inside while a dentist performs a procedure through an opening on the sides where the medic’s arms can fit through.

Professor Charnchai Phanthongwiriyakul said the bubble could also be useful in preventing the spread of diseases other than Covid-19.

He said: ‘This latest research by the university can also be helpful even after the pandemic as it is effective against other types of contagious diseases.’

The bubble this month received its patent and permits so it could be manufactured and become available to clinics all over Thailand.

It is compatible with standard dental tools and disposable materials such as gloves for the medic’s arm slot can easily be removed and disinfected before adding fresh ones.

Faculty of Dentistry professor Doctor Somkiat Luengphairin said: ‘We are excited for dental clinics to try this protective equipment. It can purify the air in and out of the bubble which makes it safer for medics and patients.’