Chimpanzee predicts England will BEAT the Germans in Euro 2020 last 16


A chimpanzee has predicted England will beat the Germans in Euro 2020 round of last 16.

The smart primate named ‘Chao Jon’ grabbed the flags of both countries but smashed the German national emblem into the ground before running away delightedly waving the St George’s Cross.

Chao Jon has become a hit at the Songkhla Zoo in southern Thailand where he has been dubbed ‘psychic’ after successfully predicting outcomes of several previous games.

Wanchai Tanwattana, Director of Songkhla Zoo, said: ‘The chimp is really a big fan of England. It only chose England in the previous two matches. I rewarded him with a durian, which I think he really likes.’

Zookeepers hung the two national flags – England and Germany on the sling for the chimp to grab. He first grabbed the German flag, but held the flag for a while and threw it on the ground before running back to grab the England flag and playing with it.

The match between England and Germany in the last 16 round will take place on June 29. Euro 2020 is now running through the last 16. The competition is held in 24 different UEFA countries and will end in July 11.