Electric bike catches fire in front of apartment building in China

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qqo433xewz0ax4d/VRP43110.mp4?dl=0

This is the shocking moment an electric bike caught fire in China.

The two-wheeler parked outside an apartment building emitted dark, thick smoke before being engulfed in flames in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province on June 9.

Fire spread to vehicles parked nearby including the front door of the building. A resident opened the door to check outside when the alarm went off but he immediately closed it upon realising the bike was on fire.

The blaze was put out when a neighbour rushed with a fire extinguisher and doused the flames. No one was hurt in the incident but the fire damaged two motorbikes and a small portion of the building.

China Bicycle Association and Bike Europe date estimated that there were around 265 million e-bikes being ridden in China, about 10 million in Europe, and at least 1 million in the U.S.