Homesick Russian arrested after stealing booze and running across roofs in Thailand


A ‘homesick’ Russian foreigner was arrested after allegedly stealing booze and running across roofs to flee while stuck in Thailand.

Ivan Novikov, 37, from Moscow, was being chased by shopkeepers after he allegedly took two bottles of liquor from a grocery store in Pattaya on June 28.

To try and escape, the foreigner climbed on roofs and ran away. However, a tin roof collapsed due to his weight while three other houses were also damaged.

Locals cornered the Russian man until the police arrived to question him but he refused to provide identification and cooperate.

Police Lieutenant Pisit Sincharoonsak said: ‘The Russian man told us he was homesick and wanted to be caught by the police so he could be sent back to his country. However, he still declined to identify himself or provide any identification.’

House owner Nipitpol Umita, 20, said: ‘I heard a bang coming from my roof. I thought it was a cat but when I checked there was a foreigner lying on the ground. He damaged my house.’

Officers later identified the man as Ivan Novikov, 37, from Moscow. The police are now checking with the house owners if they wanted to file charges against the man. He will remain in custody while officers pass the case to the immigration department to handle.