British man arrested after ‘crashing motorcycle and killing homeless man’ in Thailand


A British man was arrested after allegedly crashing his motorcycle and killing a homeless man.

Allan John Sinclair McDonald, 49, was riding his big bike on the fast lane when an old man crossed a road in Bangkok, Thailand on June 28 afternoon.

The foreigner was knocked to the ground when his Kawasaki Z900 motorbike slammed into the homeless man who had reportedly settled under a nearby train station.

Emergency services tried to revive the old man and took him to the hospital but later died due to severe head injuries. The Brit was also taken to the hospital for his minor injuries and was arrested by the police after being discharged.

Street cleaner Anunporn Pongsub, 38, who was in the area when the incident happened, said he heard a loud crashing sound while sweeping the road.

He said: ‘I was cleaning the street when I heard the crashing sound so I went to check. There was an accident so I called the police.

‘It was the old man who used to stray around this street. Sometimes he sleeps at bus stops or in front of the convenience store.’

A spokesman from the Bang Yi Ruea Police Station said: ‘We are now in coordination with the forensics at the Sriraj Hospital. We will check the CCTV camera and interview all witnesses before we question the British man further.’

The Brit was remanded in custody while the homeless man was still on the hospital for an autopsy while the police search for his relatives.

Investigations on the incident is still ongoing.