Wild snake found living inside motorcycle in Thailand

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e2p1gzbp6h8gx9u/VRP43377.mp4?dl=0

A motorcycle rider was shocked after a python slithered onto his hands while travelling in Thailand.

Thanakorn Maneesri was on his way home riding his two-wheeler when he felt something cold touch his arm in Surin province on June 27.

The frantic rider pulled over to check what it was and found a 3ft-long snake nesting on the space behind his headlight.

As the snake had a firm grip, Thanakorn asked for the help from residents nearby so they could remove the animal from his vehicle.

The rider said: ‘I started the motorcycle engine and had been riding for a few minutes when I felt something cold touching my arm. I thought it was just the air but it felt alive. I pulled over my bike to check what it was.’

Thanakorn lit incense to smoke out the snake but it went further inside the motorcycle and refused to let go of the comfortable and warms space by the headlight.

After almost two hours, the snake jumped off the two-wheeler and slithered into the grassy part of the road side before disappearing among the plants.

Thanakorn added: ‘I was relieved there were people who helped me and that I was not bitten while riding. It did not want to leave my motorcycle.’