Baby hippo opens door to let her mother out to eat


This is the adorable moment a baby hippo used her mouth to open a door and let her mother out to eat in Thailand.

The six-month-old female baby pygmy hippopotamus named Moo Whan was about to eat her meal when she decided to return to their enclosure in Khao Kheow Open Zoo, Chonburi province on June 28.

Moo Whan walked to the gate where her mother, six-year-old Kanya’s room was and opened the latch before the adult hippo emerged and greeted her baby.

The pair then walked out of the enclosure together and enjoyed a tub of green leafy vegetables before going to a pond for a refreshing bath.

One of the zookeepers, Wanchanok, said: ‘Visitors are amazed every time they see Moo. She is so smart and she’s still a baby. She can do that several times and learned just by watching us.’

The baby hippo was born earlier this year on January 14 to mother Kanya, 6, and father Tony, 21. She has a sibling named Chao Moo Thun, one of the shortest pygmy hippos in the country. She is the sister of Chao Moo Thun, one of the most famous short hippopotamuses in online social media due to its cute movements.

Pygmy hippopotamuses are classified as endangered by the non-government organisation International Union for Conservation of Nature due to rapid habitat loss and massive hunting with only an estimated 3,000 population left.