Python rescued after getting caught in fence


A hapless python was rescued after it was caught in a net fence surrounding a farm in Thailand.

The 3ft-long reptile was found tangled on the net by a farmer after his guard dogs would not stop barking at it in Nakhon Ratchasima province on June 26.

As the farmer worried that the creature could escape if he saved it on his own, he called the animal rescuers for help instead.

When the team arrived, they carefully cut the part of the net where the snake’s body was stuck and took the weary but unharmed animal with them for release.

Farmer Chart Narahas, 53, said: ‘I found the snake trapped in the net because my dogs were barking at something and I went to check what it was.

‘I surround my farm with a net fence to prevent stray animals from entering and eating my chickens. Several snakes have stolen from my chicken coop before especially during a storm.’

The rescue operation took around 20 minutes before the animal was freed. The farmer thanked the rescue team who took the snake with them to be released into the wild.