Abandoned baby boy found alive in rucksack hanging on a fence in the Philippines

An abandoned baby boy was found alive in a rucksack hanging on a fence in the Philippines.

Shocked locals searched for the sound of a baby crying and found before they found him stuffed inside an abandoned blue bag hung on the fence of their gate in South Cotabato province on June 29.

Aside from crying out of hunger, the baby appeared to be uninjured but he was still rushed to the hospital for a health check-up where he was found to be slightly dehydrated.

Resident Mary Kris Dela Cruz said: ‘It was early in the morning when we heard the baby crying. It was strange because we had no baby in the house.

‘We searched where the sound was coming from and it led us to the front gate. Something was moving inside the bag and it was the baby.’

The baby was turned over to social services after being discharged from the hospital while the local police search for his parents.

A spokesman from the Provincial Department of Social Welfare and Development said in a statement: ‘The baby will be under our care even after the parents were found.

‘We just want to remind everyone that struggling parents could always ask us for help if they don’t know what to do to their babies instead of leaving them alone and abandoning them.’