Chicken with four big legs found in Thailand


This is the amazing moment a chicken with four huge legs was seen in Thailand.

The three-month native Dong Tao chicken Rod Ma which was born with disabilities was found living in a local chicken farm owned by Wasan Kanphian in Lampang province on June 18.

Wasan said: ‘Rod Ma has four big legs since it was born due to genetic disorders. His father and mother are healthy. 

‘Now, I have around 200 Dong Tao chickens in my farm. Most of the chickens born disabled will hardly survive, but this disabled male chicken is the different one. I will not trade it and will pet it like one of my friends.’

Dong Tao chickens are rarely found in Vietnam. Normally, this kind of chicken consists of two big legs. Its meat will widely be cooked as Vietnamese Food served for kings and available in many luxurious restaurants in Vietnam. The weight is measured at its legs.

The selling prices of Dong Tao chickens in Thailand include 6,000 baht for four-month baby chicken, 7,500 baht for five-month young chickens and around 18,000 baht for 1-2 year father and mother.