Robotic ice cream vending machine seen in Thailand


This is the amazing moment a robotic ice cream vending machine was unveiled inside Thailand’s leading shopping mall.

The ‘Ki Ki Robo Cafe’, an innovative robotic ice cream selling machine, was seen installed at the CentralPlaza WestGate in Nonthaburi province on June 17.

Nutkae, a male shopping mall visitor, said: ‘I think the machine system was quite slow. But at least I can try something new.’

Belliebelleee, Nutkae’s girlfriend said: ‘The taste of the ice cream was not so extraordinary, but I like the idea of blending technology in people’s living.’

The machine can serve ice creams (Mangosteen flavor, Vanilla flavor, Chocolate flavor and Coffee flavor) and also lemonade and coffee. Each cup of ice cream is priced at 50 baht.

Customers can take orders by voice and using touch screen while the robot can speak and answer for many questions by voice and gestures. The machine accepts cash, debit and credit cards.