Ancient Buddhist temple has mystical entrance surrounded by tree roots


Video 2 (handheld):

An ancient Buddhist temple has a mystical entrance – surrounded by tree roots.

The 300-year-old Bang Kung temple in Samut Songkram, Thailand, housed an 8ft-tall golden brass Budhha statue.

But to reach the sacred item, visitors must pass through an enchanting doorway covered with giant Ficus tree roots that have overgrown and claimed the building.

The effect is like a magical scene from a Harry Potter or Lord Of The Rings movie which is attracting devotees for its unique appearance.

Three smaller statues are placed at the bottom decorated with small golden sheets that flutter as the wind blows inside the temple.

Religious drawings can be found on the walls that had started to away throughout the years.

Buddhist devouts had to enter through the unique doorway to that leads to the altar so they can worship the figures.

Before it was turned into a religious structure, the temple grounds was believed to be used as a military training field during the reign of King Taksin in the 1700s.

Thailand is a Buddhist-majority country and is home to more than 39,000 temples cared for by hundreds of thousands of monks.