Caterpillar shocks passing hiker who thought it was a snake


This is the amusing moment a cheeky caterpillar pretending to be a snake shocked a passing hiker in Mexico.

Olivia Tolentino was hiking at a mountain in Campeche province on October 18 when she found the insect.

The biologist walked under a tree for shade and noticed something moving above.

She was startled at first because she thought it was a disturbed snake, but it turned out to be a little caterpillar with an over-sized head pretending to be a reptile.

Olivia said: ‘It was too cute and fierce at the same time. I took a video of it to show to my friends.’

The insect was a Hemeroplanes triptolemus caterpillar. They are capable of expanding their bodies to create segments to give the appearance of a snake, complete with eye patches.

Its snake mimicry extends even to the point where it will harmlessly strike at potential predators.