Fascinating museum houses thousands of vintage items in Thailand

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A fascinating museum houses thousands of vintage items in Thailand

The Chokchai Museum was created by wealthy businessman Chokchai Bulakul who wanted to show off his collection of items from around the world.

His private museum exhibits treasured mementos owned by a Thai dairy farm owner ranging from house replicas to farm animals.

Visitors can view old military planes, vintage luxury cars, and a wide collection of Buddha statues. Televisions, typewriters and retro toys are also on display.

Aside from objects kept as collection, the museum also takes care of albino animals in a huge farm within the museum such as alligators, tigers, monkeys, and horses.

There is also a cow-milking station, horse-riding field, an animal feeding zoo, and a special souvenir shop to enjoy inside among others.

Chokchai, who also has a farm, ‘loves animals, so he established a special type of zoo’, according to his website.