Scary moment snake emerges from a woman’s shoe


This is the terrifying moment a woman found alive PYTHON curled up in her shoes.

Christine Broadway, 25, was about to put on her pair of black Nikes when she noticed the reptile’s glistening scales inside the footwear.

She picked up the red basket containing the shoes and carried them outside before flinging the size six onto the ground and holding it upside down.

Footage shows how the baby python slithered out of the sports shoe and disappeared into a nearby undergrowth in Chonburi, Thailand, on July 1.

Christine said: ‘Remember to look before you put on your shoes. I saw something wriggling and thought it was a toad. I almost had a heart attack when I saw it was a snake.

‘I was shocked and so was my sister. We took them outside as quickly as we could. I’ll be checking my shoes every time I wear them.’