Lizard hides in bathroom when house owner forgets to close door


This is the scary moment a massive monitor lizard was caught hiding inside a family’s bathroom.

The 7ft-long reptile slithered inside the house when the back door was accidentally left opened in Chachoengsao province on June 29.

It then crawled undetected to a bedroom where there were two sleeping children – a four-year-old toddler and her 13-year-old sister.

The children’s babysitter was about to check on them when she saw the aggressive lizard appearing to attack the sleeping girls so she chased the animal away and it went hiding in the bathroom.

Nanny Ai Phetcharat, 74, said: ‘I heard a loud noise at the back but I thought it was only a cat. When I went to the bedroom to check the girls, I saw the lizard.

‘I panicked and tried to chase it away but it hid in the bathroom. I then took the girls with me out of the house and called the animal rescuers for help.’

When the rescuers arrived, they cornered the animal inside the bathroom where it had been hiding and secured its neck with a noose.

The animal was then dragged out of the house and taken by the team to a nearby forest so they could release it back into the wild.

Relieved grandmother Kanok Phetcharat, 62, who arrived home while the rescuers catch the lizard said: ‘I thought something bad happened to my granddaughters. The lizard was too big.’