Two monitor lizards found mating in family home


Two monitor lizards were found mating in the ceiling of a family home in Thailand.

The animal couple were caught after making scratching noises on the wooden ceiling of a kitchen in Lampang province on June 29.

As the two mated, their movements damaged some of the floorboards, which eventually collapsed exposing them inside.

Shocked residents then rushed to call the rescue team to evacuate the 3ft-long animals that weighed an average of 8kg each.

House owner Than Yanan said: ‘I have been hearing strange noises on the ceiling for about a month now. I just ignored it because I thought it was only a cat until it collapsed and we found out they were lizards.’

The volunteers lured the animals out and were able to secure one of them – the bigger female – which was pulled out to the ground.

As the team were busy pinning the female down, the male escaped and headed out of the house. The operation took half an hour and the female was taken with the team for release.

The house owner Than Yanan said he will have the holes on his ceiling fixed and board the entry point of the lizards to the kitchen.

He added: ‘The male lizard might return in the future so we will have the holes repaired as soon as possible. I hope it doesn’t bring another big female next time.’