Explosion heard during protest in Bangkok

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2vkvao7v0zv81kj/VRP4464.mp4?dl=0

A loud explosion was heard as riot police moved towards protesters in Bangkok, Thailand, today (Jan 16).

Demonstrators had gathered to oppose the country’s lese majeste law, which has seen activists arrested for insulting the monarchy.

Footage shows how dozens of officers marched along the street followed by a loud explosion and a cloud of smoke.

It is unclear what caused the explosion or who was responsible. Police continued to disperse protesters that had gathered at the rally. Seven people were arrested as officers seized banners and four people were reportedly injured.

The demonstration came after a number of protesters were arrested this week under the strict lese majeste law.

Calls for reform of the monarchy – which holds a powerful role in Thai society – have formed part of the ongoing protests which surged last year.

Other demands from protest groups was a reform of the country’s constitution and the removal of the ruling military party.