British man, 44, arrested after ‘gun rampage in Thailand’


A British man was arrested after a gun rampage in Thailand.

Alexander Michael Gerasimidis, 44, was allegedly drunk when he threatened his housekeepers with a gun at his luxury home in Pattaya, Chonburi on Saturday evening (July 3).

The ex-pat allegedly fired at least four shots into the air and sealed himself inside his house after alarmed neighbours called the police for help.

As he refused to cooperate with the police, more than 50 officers from the special forces team arrived at the property asking him to surrender in an operation that lasted five hours before he was finally arrested.

Chonburi police station officer Thanawut Jongjira said: ‘He was armed and uncooperative so we had to take precautions to keep nearby residents safe.

‘Officers were on high alert and dispatched around his house while we tried to urge him to come out. After negotiating for several hours, he surrendered without resisting.’

Footage recorded from outside the man’s home showed him walking around the front porch as officers slowly made their way through the huge property. Some sniper teams deployed in police pickup trucks were also stationed outside the gate.

The man surrendered around 12:15 am after five hours of standing off with the police.

The incident is still being investigated but housekeepers said the Brit started with his bad temper after a dispute he had with a female neighbour three days ago.

House helper Porntip Sophonthawinphong, 38, said: ‘The woman damaged his car and had an argument with her. He had been having a bad temper since then.’

Gerasimidis was taken to the police station for questioning and was remanded in custody.