Bangkok cops seize two trucks full of banned sex toys


Thai cops seized two trucks full of banned sex toys in the capital city Bangkok.

Police raided a house that was being rented by Chinese national Wu Zher Tao, 30, who allegedly used the warehouse to store the smuggled goods in Minburi district on July 1.

They found hundreds of assorted pieces of dildos, vibrators, and bondage straps, and other adult toys which were worth up to one million baht (22,500 GBP)

The items were allegedly smuggled from China as sex toys are illegal in Thailand before they were discretely sold through social media apps.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Trin Aonnin said: ‘We traced where the products being sold online were coming from and found the Chinese man’s warehouse. He was selling them without permits.

‘He sold the items through Facebook and Line messaging app. He takes them from a supplier in China and sells them here cheaply from starting from 100 baht.’

After customers placed their orders online, Wu would allegedly sell the illegal items through private parcel delivery services which made it harder for officers to investigate the smuggled toys.

Officers were able to collect two trucks full of the items before arresting the Chinese foreigner who said he only took over the business from his friend.

Wu said: ‘I took over this business from my Chinese friend who had been selling the sex toys to Thai customers for almost a year now. The income was quite good.

‘There’s a big demand in Thailand for sex toys, so I was filling that role.’

The Chinese suspect was taken to the police station for questioning and filing of charges including smuggling and illegal trade of obscene materials.