Giant python terrifies locals after emerging on house in Thailand


This is the terrifying moment a huge python was seen slithering along the side of a houe.

The chunky 14ft long serpent sparked panic when it emerged from a canal in Bangkok, Thailand, on January 14.

Footage shows the killer reptile moving slowly along a ledge before disappearing into the undergrowth.

Onlooker Suchana, who took the clip of the snake when it was sliding away, said: ‘I was so shocked. I’ve never seen a snake that big in my life.’

Suchana said that she was cooking when she saw the snakes head from outside her window.

‘It then raised its neck, that’s when I realize how big the snake was,’ she said.

Suchana added that the snake has now escaped and is believed to have entered a nearby deserted house.

Some locals wondered if the clip she took was genuine but one of her neighbours confirmed that the snake was real as Suchana called the police for help.

One snake wrangler told local media: ‘She probably thought it was a big snake because she’s only seen smaller snakes like the rat snake or golden tree snake. But if you compare the big snake to the environment around it, you may change your perspective and see that it’s really not that big.’