Stray cat impaled on metal railings rescued in Thailand


This is the moment a stray cat impaled on metal railings was rescued in Thailand.

The hapless moggie walked on the roof of a house when it slipped and fell on top of a spiked metal fence in Nakhon Nayok province on July 3.

One of its hind legs was skewered into the spike and was discovered by the house owner after it was heard crying loudly.

The rescue team was called by the resident for help as she did not know how to handle the injured cat and worried about hurting it further.

House owner Arom Thongbai said: ‘I heard the crying cat behind my house in the morning so I went to look and found the cat was impaled with the metal pole of the fence.

‘The stray cat just gave birth to five kittens near our house and it must have been searching for food when it had an accident.’

Volunteers from the Sawang Ariya Nakhon Nayok Rescue team arrived at the scene and used a metal cutter tool to take the metal with the cat for 20 minutes before rushing the animal to a veterinary clinic.

Rescuers gave the moggie a first aid treatment on the ambulance before it had an operation. The cat is still recovering at the clinic.