Rescue team save hapless pet dog stuck under large rock


A Thai rescue team helped a hapless pet dog stuck under a large rock for five days.

The eight-month-old female dog named Chao Lai wandered into the mountains to play near a Buddhist temple in Nakhon Si Thammarat province, southern Thailand on July 1.

Her owner Nutnaree Sajjarak, 30, had been looking for the brown pooch until she was head crying under a boulder surviving only on little water that trickled down the hole.

Nutnaree said: ‘I thought my pet was just staying at the temple because she loved to play with the other dogs there. After two days of waiting, I decided to check on her but I could not find her.

‘I only discovered she was stuck under the rock on the third day. It was behind my house but a bit far so I could not hear her cry. There was a small gap but she could no longer fit to pass through it.’

More than 20 volunteers from the Pracharuamjai Foundation arrived the next day and used a drilling machine to break the 20-tonne rock.

They give food and water to the dog from time to time while the team drilled parts of the rock away. The operation lasted two days before it was freed on July 5.

Relieved house owner Nutnaree thanked the rescuers who saved her dog. She said: ‘I thought my dog would not be found. I am relieved she is fine and with me now.’

The pooch was given a health check but she was generally fine aside from being slightly dehydrated.