One dead and 60 injured after explosion at factory in Thailand

Helicopter view:

Video (scene at fire this afternoon):

Video (skyline from Bangkok centre):

Video: (CCTV of explosion 2)

Video (CCTV of explosion):

Video (firefighters battling fire):

Thousands of residents have been evacuated after at least one person was killed and 60 were injured from an explosion at a plastics factory in Thailand this morning.

The blast ripped through the building in Samut Prakan on the outskirts of the capital Bangkok at around 3 am local time (July 5) sending an orange glow into the night sky followed by plumes of thick black smoke.

CCTV shows how surrounding homes shook and glass windows shattered. Thousands of terrified residents living within a five-mile radius of the factory were evacuated before a second explosion rocked the area shortly after midday.

The fire was still raging at 2:30pm local time, with smoke visible from across the city. Fireman Kornsit Raophan was killed while tacklking the flames.

Police said that at least 12 people had been rushed to hospital with serious injuries from the explosion at the Mingdih Chemical polystyrene factory.

Police Captain Sanhawach Kaewduangsri, Deputy Inspector of Bang Kaew Police Station in Samutprakarn, said: ‘The fire engulfed the factory rapidly. Most of the injuries were caused by the explosion and the glass shattering.

‘We are now evacuating all residents to safer areas in case there are more explosions.’

A resident living in the area told local media: ‘There was one big explosion sound at around 3 am which made me wide awake. Windows and some parts of the roof of my house were broken.’

The cause of the explosion is still unknown and fire crews are still working to bring the flames under control.

Officials said the factory houses at least five warehouses where more than 50 tonnes of chemicals were being stored.