Amazing restaurant built inside a carp fish pond in Thailand


This amazing restaurant is built inside a carp fish pond in northern Thailand.

Customers can enjoy their food while watching the colourful koi fish as each table is surrounded by water in Chiang Mai province.

The creatures can be seen swimming around the submerged restaurant while water flows from pipes built under the chairs and tables while a fogging system was installed on the ceiling to regulate the place’s temperature.

Restaurant owner Thaness Chompoowiset, 40, said he had been taking care of the ‘lucky’ fish for more than ten years before she made her idea a reality in June.

He said: ‘I loved the lucky koi fish breed so I planned on building a pond where I could take care of them and probably sell them to other hobbyists.’

The businessman installed seats around the pond for the families who were looking to buy fish and soon after he thought of turning it into a restaurant.

He now plans to expand the restaurant into a resort that would house almost one million koi fish. The creatures are imported from Japan and cost around 1,000 baht to 100,000 baht depending on their colour.

The resort is set to open next year if the Covid-19 situation eases in the country.