Rescued ‘zombie’ dog transforms into beautiful ‘paw-shionista’


A pitiful ‘zombie’ dog transformed into a beautiful ‘paw-shionista’ after she was rescued by a kindhearted man in the Philippines.

Animal lover Eton Concepcion, 47, chanced upon the stray dog while looking for food along Panay Avenue in Quezon City in April last year. He said the dog seemed beyond hope at the time — hairless, bone-thin, and skin crusted over from a severe mange infection.

Despite strict lockdown restrictions due to Covid-19, Eton regularly visited the dog, which he named Kelly. He took her food, water, and medicine to cure her sores. It took him four rescue attempts before he finally earned Kelly’s trust to bring her back home.

Speaking this week about the mutt’s makeover, Eton said: ‘It was a long, painful process. I almost gave up. But patience paid off, and the rest is history.’

After a few weeks of pampering with her new owner, Kelly transformed into the lively and affectionate dog she is today. She grew plump and healthy, her hair shining a lustrous black – in contrast to the bedraggled state before she met Eton.

Eton said: ‘I gave Kelly quality dog food laced with medicine to cure her mange. Now, she is well taken care of just like the other dogs at home. I give her regular baths, take her to the vet for check-ups and vaccines, and take her out for a walk.’

Eton said he was grateful that Kelly’s story generated a lot of buzz online.

He said: ‘I hope that Kelly’s story could serve as an inspiration for those who have the heart and will and resources to give hope to stray animals.’