Police arrest Brits at ‘drug party’ on Thai death island Koh Tao

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/igi3mzcol9027p3/VRP45024.mp4?dl=0

Police arrested 20 tourists including Brits who were caught partying with ‘skull-shaped ecstasy’ on Thai death island Koh Tao.

Officers raided a hillside house after discovering pictures showing the group partying as it happened in Surat Thani province, Thailand on July 3 evening.

The tourists – a Thai and a Belgian host including their 18 friends from the UK, U.S., France, Iceland, South Africa, Switzerland, and Sweden – were only supposed to be arrested for breaking Covid-19 guidelines such as illegal gathering.

However as the police searched the place, they found pieces of skull-shaped grey pills believe to be party drug ecstasy as well as magic mushrooms and cannabis.

Police Colonel Kriengkrai Kraikaew said ‘Upon arrival, we found dozens of motorcycles in the parking lot with loud music blaring from the house, bright party lights, and people chatting loudly from the inside.

‘I recall seeing a dozen Thais and foreigners standing in the hallway. Twenty Thai men and foreigners were found at the party with no masks on.’

A 39-year-old Belgian and a 26-year-old Thai woman allegedly threw the party for their foreign friends, 13 of whom later tested positive for having traces of cannabis in their urine.

A French and another Belgian national was charged with possessing marijuana without permission while another Thai woman was caught with magic mushrooms.

A South African woman and a Swiss woman allegedly brought the ecstasy pills to the party. The drugs were seized by the police as evidence.

Other items that were seized included a laptop, music player, two speakers, a party light, six cans of beer, and two bottles of hard liquor.

The foreigners were taken to the Koh Tao police station to be remanded in custody during the investigation.

Koh Tao has been dubbed ‘death island’ following a string of high-profile mystery deaths of dozens of tourists. The idyllic island is popular with scuba diving but it also well known for its influential and powerful local families, police corruption and mafia connections.