Abandoned baby found covered in ants and mosquitoes in Thailand

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tccht1bxvnkekzq/VRP4537.mp4?dl=0

A newborn baby boy covered in mosquito bites was saved after being abandoned on a rubber farm in Thailand.

Jutamas Srisawad, 50 was confused after hearing strange sounds coming from the trees next to their home in Nakhon Si Thammarat province on January 18 evening.

She woke up her brother, Pongpan Srisawad, 61, so they could look outside as the sounds grew louder, resembling a baby crying.

They feared that someone could be fooling around to trick people until they saw the naked baby on the ground with insects crawling on its tiny body.

Hundreds of ants and mosquitos had been biting the boy which caused severe rashes as it was left among dry leaves.

The baby was also shivering without any clothing on exposing its umbilical cord still attached.

The village headman immediately called the emergency services for help while Jutamas stayed with the baby until rescuers with ambulance arrived.

The relieved woman said: ‘The baby was bare and the rescue team gave him some towels to keep warm as it was a chilly night.’

Paramedics checked on the baby’s health before taking him for further examination at Thung Yai Hospital.

The baby will stay in the hospital until it is deemed fit for discharge and will then be handed to social services.

Police Major Anan Panichkul arrived at the scene to investigate the boy’s identity and interviewed witnesses to find his mother.

He said: ‘We made sure everyone was safe and talked to all witnesses in the area. The police will look further into the area and find more details to find the mother of the baby.’

The officer added that the baby may not have come from the village as there were no known pregnant women who could have given birth that day.

The investigations are still ongoing and the police are also looking at hospitals in nearby towns to search for the mother.