Adorable pet chicken sleeps like a baby while bathing in a tub


An adorable pet chicken sleeps like a baby while being given a bath in a tub.

The seven-month-old rooster named Jab was adopted as a chick when it was found alone on a rubber plantation in Chumphon province, Thailand.

Farmer Jaruwan Khwaeng Khao, 48, noticed the unusual intelligence of the black and red bird a few days after it was taken home.

When the weather is hot, the rooster will dip in the water calmly and enjoy the refreshing bath whereas other animals panic if they become wet.

Jaruwan said: ‘I believe Jab is a special chicken. Since we discovered that he is different from the other animals on our farm, we treated him like a part of the family.’

The special rooster is given regular showers and sleeps in the bedroom of his owners at night like he is their baby.

The loving pet owner added: ‘We enjoy spending time with him. He is such an intelligent creature. I’m glad we adopted him when he was a chick.’