Adorable pet dog and cat play like best friends


This is the adorable moment a pet dog and a cat played like best friends.

The six-year-old Shih Tzu pooch Pipo and the one-year-old moggie Yeang could be seen cuddling on the front porch in Nakhon Is Thammarat province, Thailand, on July 7.

Pet owner Boonsak Kulsri, 68, said since Yeang was adopted as a stray kitten last year when her mother was run over by a truck, the two had become very close.

She said: ‘They were like siblings and best friends. At first, I thought I would have a hard time taking care of the two because they might fight but I was wrong.

‘They immediately bonded after I took the kitten home. The next few days, they were already playing around the house while I sell  lunch to students at the university.’

Aside from being close playmates, Boonsak added that the two ‘worked together’ to keep their home safe against intruders.

She said: ‘The two worked together to help keep us safe. Pipo would bark whenever someone is outside. It even barks whenever there is a cockroach and then Yeang would chase it away.’