Struggling villagers recycle plastic bottles to make brooms


Struggling villagers are recycling plastic bottles to make brooms in Thailand.

The community organisation called Save the World Broom collects discarded materials, mostly soda bottles, to reduce their waste in Khon Kaen province.

Locals will then clean the trash and begin processing them into a sturdy plastic broom by cutting the bottles into long, thin strips.

The finished products are sold at 65 baht (1.44 GBP) per piece and help to provide extra income to villagers during the pandemic.

Boonsri Srikul, one of the members, said: ’By making the brooms we could help reduce our community’s plastic waste production and provide livelihood to our neighbours.

’Sometimes we even need to buy waste from other villages because the orders exceed our expectations. The quality of our products are also good so we have a lot of buyers.’

To make the brooms, the bottles are cut into long strips which were then divided into uniformed sizes to make the head of the broom.

The brush will be connected to a long wooden handle before it is fastened together using the mouth of the bottle.

Boonsri said the quality is great because the production process takes at least five hours per broom.

He said: ‘This has become the livelihood of our some of our members during the pandemic so we have to make good quality brooms. It takes five hours to make one.’