Hot bubbles rise from bottom of sea days after Taal volcano erupted in the Philippines


Divers were confused after hot bubbles were seen rising from the bottom of the sea days after the Taal volcano erupted in the Philippines.

Professional diving instructor Ross Veridiano was with her team checking the popular dive site in Batangas province on July 6 when they noticed that the amount of bubbles have tripled after the volcanic activity.

She said: ‘Before the Taal volcano erupted, we saw that the bubbles were only minimal. We also noticed that the steam has become hotter. We stay alert all the time because we live nearby.’

On July 1 afternoon, the volcano rumbled and fired hot smoke and gas almost a mile into the sky. Officials raised the alert to level three and smoke covered homes in nearby capital Manila around 43 miles away.

Officials warned there was ‘magmatic intrusion’ at Taal’s main crater that may ‘drive succeeding eruptions’.