Two hapless Spanish tourists rescued after going missing in Thai jungle


Two hapless Spanish tourists were rescued after getting lost in a jungle in Thailand.

Jose Vicente Landuce, 41, and Esther Dela Fuenta Hernandez, 39, went hiking on Khao Ra mountain in Surat Thani province on January 19.

They started their trek up the mountain early morning and reached the peak to enjoy the sunrise.

However, the pair became lost on their way home while descending the beautiful mountain.

They called the tourist police number to ask for rescue as they had wandered deep in the jungle while looking for a way down.

Officers organised a search party with the help of the locals as they can only describe the types of plants where they were in.

The rescuers had diffculty locating the tourists as the trail was steep and the forest was thick.

It was starting to get dark five hours later when they found the hapless tourists waiting for them deep in the fores.

The rescuers called for them and tourists yelled back before they were found near a waterfall.

One of the rescuers, Ton, said: ‘The tourists went down the wrong path and were lost. They could not return to the trail as the forest was too thick.

‘Fortunately, there was still reception and their phones enough battery power for us to find them.’

The tourists were safe and uninjured but exhausted so they were helped back to their hotel.

They thanked the rescuers who reminded them to be more careful next time.